17 Best gym trainers for men 2023: Nike to Reebok

“If you want to get the most out of your workout, you should invest in shoes that support that modality,” adds Gus Vaz Tostes, a trainer on fitness app Fiit. “When it comes to training shoes, they are now not only designed to support your feet, but also to respond to particular ways of training.”

“Choosing the correct shoe for your needs will support your performance and prevent injury,” says Emily Hall, Head of Performance at Sports Direct. “Training shoes tend to have more surface area compared to running shoes. This means there’s more floor contact, making them sturdier and help with balance when doing things such as weight-lifting.”

What sneakers should I wear to the gym?

“This depends on the individual as everyone has different feet, but comfort should be a must for everyone,” says Simmonds. “For training specifically, you should look for stability and support so your foot feels secure when you’re moving around. A gym shoe should also be versatile, allowing you to perform different exercises. For example, a good training shoe should be sturdy enough to keep you steady whilst lifting, but breathable and flexible enough for you to move around in.”

“The most important thing to look for is whether the shoes have specific features that support the stimulus or activity you’re using the shoes for,” says Tostes. “If lifting a heavy barbell, I’d suggest investing in weightlifting shoes. Often with an added toe strap, they will ‘lock’ your foot in position, giving you added support with minimal cushioning.

“If your session is more functional, you need a more versatile shoe; one that is stable enough to offer support in certain lifts, whilst also slightly cushioned if you’re incorporating any jumping or small amounts of running.”

Is it fine to wear running shoes for gym workouts? If not, why?

“In general, no,” says Tostes. “Depending on how you train, you should be looking for shoes that support you in those movements, allowing you to optimise that session. Just as there is a shoe for every type of runner, whether it’s long or short-distance runners, there is a shoe for every type of training.

“A running shoe will not give you the added stability and support you need when lifting heavy. Nor will it translate to a multidimensional functional training session where you can change direction quickly, mixing between cardio and dumbbell conditioning elements.”

What are some of the most popular brands making gym shoes?

“There are some amazing training shoes in the market, which support your fitness needs,” says Emily Hall, Head of Performance at Sports Direct. “Nike has a great selection from its Metcon and SuperRep franchises, and both Reebok and Under Armour have a strong roster to support your performance.”

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