15 of the Best Men’s Bedroom Accessories in 2022

“Guys Live In Apartments Like This.” You’ve probably seen the meme while mindlessly scrolling through your Insta feed or on Tik Tok. Usually shared by disappointed potential suitors, the meme is a commentary on how some men tend to keep things perhaps overly simplistic when it comes to their rooms and apartment. Step into their den, and you might find a floor mattress, TV, couch, fridge, and PS5 — and that’s about it. Now, I am all for keeping things minimalistic, simple, and sticking to the bare necessities. But you can do that without looking like you are a CIA operative on the run.

Similar to your fits, your apartment or room can be a great opportunity to express yourself and your interests. The things you keep in your room give your guests insight into who you are.

Even more so, you should set up your room to be your own sanctuary — your own little pocket universe, whether you are working from home or commuting every day. The right bedroom accessories can help you get there.

As you probably guessed, we have outlined our favorite men’s bedroom accessories, items at varying price points that can truly elevate your home pad. You might even impress a partner or two the next time they come over.

Shop the best bedroom accessories for men below.

Jacob & Co. x HighsnobietyPorcelain Ashtray

Porcelain Ashtray

You may never get your hands on a $500k Jacob & Co watch, and that’s ok. However, this collectible from his first-ever fashion collection is a great entry point for fans of the jeweler. Even more so, if you appreciate some finely rolled herb every so often, you need to get your hands on a solid ashtray. No, not some random plastic cup. A real-life ashtray exudes some level of maturity. The porcelain ashtray confidently says, “I smoke a little herb and have good taste.”

and Wander Incense + Holder

One of the first things people remember when walking into a room is the way it smells. Unfortunately, we’re often ignorant of our own funkiness. A simple solution? Get yourself some incense. and Wander’s citrusy and lavender incense will brighten up your room without the need for a cheap or chemical-packed air freshener. The included incense holder doubles as a miniature art piece.

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Snow Lantern

Mini Hozuki Snow Lantern

Snow Peak products straddle the line between homeware and outdoor gear, perfect for those of you who like to spend your days avoiding paved roads. This white lantern is compact, easy to use, and functional. Lanterns like these are great, too, if you are ever stuck at home and the power cuts out.

Highsnobiety x Gramicci Blanket

Pro-tip — always have blankets on deck. It’s a solid excuse to get close to a partner, especially if they are the type of person who is always on the cold side. They may even notice that this blanket is from Gramicci — which in that case, you will probably have to put a ring on it.

Bæbsy Atlas Bookstand

Books at home? Get a bookstand. Specifically, a Bæbsy bookstand. The Amsterdam-based design team takes home staples and turns them into industrial, functional art. How often can you say that a bookstand will catch the attention of your guests?

Highsnobiety x The Elder Statesman Stuffed Cashmere Mushroom

Art you can cuddle with is not a bad idea. Part of our HIGHArt collection and collaboration with The Elder Statesman, this cashmere mushroom will look good on a couch, bed, or anything in between.

Medicom Toy [email protected] Shaun the Sheep 100% and 400%

Be@rbrick Shaun the Sheep 100% and 400%

Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I enjoy filling my apartment with collectibles. Even if that is not your thing, Bearbrick still may be worth your time. Doubling as a toy and pop art statues, these humanoid bears tend to appreciate in value over time, potentially tripling in price. Not to mention, Bearbricks are a lowkey flex on the gram.

BAPE Ape Head Rug

Ape Head Rug

(Available at 3 Merchants)

(Available at 3 Merchants)

Rugs have quickly become a nice way to celebrate an artist or a favorite brand. So if BAPE has been a staple in your rotation, you might as well add a rug to that collection.

NEIGHBORHOOD. Have A Nice Day Candle

Unwanted guests, overstayers, etc., in your home, are a big no-no”. Bring this out, light it up, and send them a passive but potentially effective GTFO.

Mastermind Japan Tower Box Storage Set

Storage can be a game-changer in smaller apartments. Why not pick one that is clout and fit-friendly. It’s also not too bad on your wallet.

Workaday Handmade Small Milking Planter

Plants can be intimidating in a new home. I am not saying I have a green thumb, but part of me would like to believe that your plant will be hella comfortable in some handcrafted stoneware.

Mellow Ceramics Cowboy Boot Vase

Furthermore, Mellow Ceramics Cowboy Boot Vase can accomplish the same effect but in an impressive Cowboy Boot Vase that we are sure your plant will enjoy having in its rotation.

Anissa Kermiche Set Of Two Happy (Book) Ending Bookends

Is this the bookend to end all bookends? We are not sure about that. However, when done right, body sculpture art can elevate an entire room.

KAWS Family Figures

KAWS figurines not only look cool in a room but similar to Bearbrick, they go up in value. They are collectible must-haves if you love art-fashion products.

HKliving Cotton Rug

A minimal rug can have the same effect as a loud one — injecting a bit of style and curation into the room. Also, no one likes walking around on a cold floor.

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