15 Best Slip On Shoes for Men in 2022

Whether you’re aiming for something more accessible, more comfortable, or more minimal, there are an endless number of reasons to pick up a pair of slip-on shoes — especially at this time of year. In theory, there is nothing more ideal than a shoe that doesn’t need to be tied, and that applies to everyone from preschool children to the oldest of men. Seriously, it doesn’t get more convenient than being able to slip your feet in and go on with your day, which is why these low-profile kicks have grown to be such a popular choice through the years.

For this guide to the best slip-on shoes for men, we limited ourselves exclusively to slip-on sneakers. Nothing against a nice pair of loafers or mules, but with summer around the corner, it’s tough to beat a solid pair of laceless sneaks for easygoing style. Tailored to practically every scenario — from a casual pair of canvas kicks to performance-minded trainers — there’s no shortage of options offered across the footwear market. So, do yourself a favor and bask in the sunshine this spring and summer with our versatile guide to the 15 best slip-on sneakers for men to buy.

Vans Classic Slip-On

If the first thing you thought of when opening this guide was Vans, then you’re in the right ballpark. There is no label as ubiquitous as the SoCal staple brand when it comes to slip-on shoes. Composed of nothing but a canvas upper and rounded out with Vans’ trademark rubber waffle outsoles, these iconic, 45-year-old low-tops have been worn to the point that they speak for themselves, but we have no problem discussing them a bit further.

Purchase: $50+

Everlane The Forever Slip-On Sneaker

Everlane is adept at crafting quality closet essentials, and there are few pieces as vital this time of year as a pair of slip-ons. The S.F.-based brand’s Forever sneaker is made from sustainably-sourced materials, shown off through its upper that’s entirely composed of organic cotton, as well as its durable, natural rubber outsole. Above all else, these fit-to-size kicks are easy to keep clean, as Everlane wash-tested them ten times to guarantee you can toss these in the machine and keep them good as new.

Purchase: $60

Converse One Star CC Slip Core

Serving as the ideal alternative to Vans in most situations, Converse’s unique take on its emblematic One Star sneakers has garnered just as much praise. The CC Slip Core is made up of cushioned leather uppers and features a padded collar and footbed for added support and shock absorption. They sit on a sturdy rubber outsole and are then finished off with the brand’s signature star on the heel. To put it plainly, there is no room for error with this spin on the early ’70s classic.

Purchase: $65

adidas Nizza RF Slip

Turning one of the more emblematic silhouettes of all time into a pair of slip-ons can be a bit polarizing, but adidas managed to pull it off with style. Blending a touch of basketball culture with enough accessibility for skaters to throw on easily, the Nizza RF Slip Shoes come equipped with a vulcanized outsole that is begging to be worn out, as kicks like these are always bound to look better with age.

Purchase: $75

Nike SB Zoom Verona

When it comes to footwear, few brands are as prominent as Nike — realistically, the only other brand in a similar echelon might be the aforementioned adidas. The Swoosh’s beloved SB sub-label has proven popular for decades, and while the modern market dictates that the Zoom Verona may not be as prominent as any pair of low-top Dunks, they remain stylishly subtle while serving as a solid change of pace, too. Composed of a rugged suede upper and a flexible outsole for a comfortable, worn-out feeling, you don’t have to be a skater to rock this reimagined classic.

Purchase: $75

Vans OG Classic LX

It was only a matter of time until another pair of Vans was to appear here — after all, this is a guide to slip-ons. The legendary brand’s OG Classic LX serves as an homage to the original silhouette, rounded out with appropriate accents like contrast white stitching. If you’re looking to keep things even more traditional than a modern-day pair of Vans, then these OGs are undoubtedly the right choice.

Purchase: $75

Cariuma Black Knit

What stands out the most about Cariuma is its allegiance to its eco-cognizant mission statement. Touted as “one of the lowest carbon footprint sneakers ever made,” it’s safe to say that every step you take in these shoes will leave footprints you can truly be proud of. Composed of sustainably-harvested bamboo and recycled plastics, these comfy shoes are vegan and come available in a wide assortment of colors. Plus, with every shoe purchase you make, the brand plants two trees, furthering the climate-healing credentials of these kicks.

Purchase: $98

Seavees Huntington Middie

While you may not have expected a pair of mid-high shoes to appear on a list like this, leave it up to Seavees to throw you for a loop. The handsome Huntington Middie takes inspiration from ’60s surf culture, which is made wildly apparent by its silhouette and composition. They are made from Leather Working Group-certified suede, assuring any buyers that these shoes are immensely durable without shedding a touch of style. The Huntingtons are rounded out with strategically-placed perforations for the sake of added breathability and cooling airflow channels.

Purchase: $100

Allbirds Wool Loungers

Arguably as comfortable as they come, Allbirds’ Wool Loungers are the ultimate choice if you plan on slipping some cozy odor-resistant kicks on alongside an easygoing outfit. They are composed of ethically sourced, temperature-regulating ZQ merino wool and sit on the brand’s patented SweetFoam midsole, which contains the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA foam and is made from Brazilian sugarcane.

Purchase: $105

Rivieras Mods Blues

Rivieras is a lowkey brand whose catalog proves to be anything but subdued, thanks to a wide variety of stylish, colorful options. The cotton-piped Mods Blues are neatly (and luxuriously) composed of a woven gabardine and even feature a sheepskin midsole – how’s that for feeling lavish on the inside? Finished off with a handsome gum outsole, the Spanish-made slip-ons are practically built for any day out by the water.

Purchase: $110

Obra 240 Canvas Slip-On Wrap-Toe

If you’re aiming for a durable pair of shoes that were made to last, then the up-and-coming, family-owned brand Obra has got you covered. Its uppers are made from mega-sturdy 240 industrial canvas that remains breathable, albeit dubiously heavy-duty. Thanks to its wrap-toe design, the rudimentarily named 240 Canvas Slip-On Wrap-Toe offers stability and forefoot protection like no other. For maximized comfort, the shoes even feature a contoured footbed that allows you to walk around in these constantly. And while you may consider slip-ons to be more appropriate for summertime, these boast a performance suede lining that is more than capable of handling chilly forecasts.

Purchase: $120

Vans Vault x Ray Barbee x Leica Classic Slip-On

These sky blue kicks come courtesy of one of the more random collaborations in recent memory, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Upon partnering with a pair of legends in their designated circles, Vans Vault’s unique Ray Barbee and Leica-inspired slip-ons are rounded out with embellishments like a quote from the pro skater and lined with Vans’ signature, unmistakable checkerboard pattern.

Purchase: $125

York Athletics The Gail Recovery Trainers

While many of the options here are tailored toward a more casual occasion, York Athletics crafts an ideal pair of trainers that are as easy to wear as your average pair of Vans. The Boston-bred shoemaker’s Gails are composed of a flexible two-way stretch upper made up of light jersey material. Then, they’re rounded out with an immense amount of cushioning to ensure that your post-workout recovery is made all the more comfortable. Lastly, the shoes sit on a slip-resistant gum outsole, paving the way for optimized grip when called upon.

Purchase: $135

ROA Lhamu

ROA crafts another excellent pair of slip-ons tailored toward performance. The high-end outdoor brand’s Lhamu is composed of rugged sheep leather and has an extremely low profile to keep things light. For additional stability and durability, they feature rubber overlays and an uber-grippy Vibram outsole. Performance aside, these sleek shoes manage to keep extremely comfortable thanks to their breathable, waffle-like lining, and they boast a unique quilted design that you simply won’t find anywhere else across this list.

Purchase: $190

Saint Laurent Venice

Fit for the boardwalk or a casual dinner out on the town, the Venice slip-on is essentially Saint Laurent’s take on a pair of white Vans. These subtle sneakers are composed of a supple cotton upper that’s been touched up with luxurious leather accents. If you’re seeking the most upscale set of slip-on shoes you can find, look no further than this, as they are capable of classing up any outfit imaginable.

Purchase: $475

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