12 pants and shorts for him

What’s classic, comfortable and a crowd favorite? Men’s chinos, of course.

The timeless fashion pant can instantly dress up an otherwise denim-worn-casual outfit in a snap. Not to mention, its shorts counterpart is perfect for the spring and summer.

For some, the number of chinos lined up in their dresser drawers is almost too many to count. For others, chinos may be a new, unfamiliar type of pant.

What are chinos? The fan-favorite bottoms are typically lightweight, cotton-blended pants that resemble khakis — but think more airy and relaxed fitting. That said, they’re a staple for anyone.

To help you score the best pairs, we outlined our 12 favorite chinos for men in 2022. From pants to shorts, you’ll be adding a pair (or two) to your shopping cart in no time.

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Best Men’s Chino Pants

1. Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Chino Pant, $15

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Chino Pant, olive

As an Amazon best-seller, you can’t skip the retailer’s Essentials line. Specifically, its Classic-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Chino Pant comes in a slew of colors (though we really love this brushed olive tone) and it’s just $15.

2. Match Men’s Slim Tapered Stretchy Casual Pants, $24

Match Men's Slim Tapered Stretchy Casual Pants, dark

Elevate your tried-and-true denim look with Match’s Slim Tapered Stretchy Casual Pants. Styled well with your favorite dress shoes and watch, it’s an unbeatable pair of bottoms you’ll resort to time and again.

3. Express Slim Temp Control Hyper-Stretch Chino, $88

Express Slim Temp Control Hyper-Stretch Chino, tan

If we’re being honest, Express has some of the best apparel for both men and women. Its Slim Temp Control Hyper-Stretch Chino is one of the most flattering we’ve seen, especially when styled with all-white sneakers.

4. J. Crew 484 Slim-Fit Stretch Chino, $80

J.Crew 484 Slim-Fit Stretch Chino, beige

For resort wear that fits like a charm, you can’t pass up J.Crew. Likely the Father of all Chinos, the retailer has a best-selling 484 Slim-Fit Stretch Chino that comes in so many quality colors, you’ll want to snag them all.

5. Polo Ralph Lauren Straight-Fit Stretch Chino Pants, $69, original price: $99

Polo Ralph Lauren Straight-Fit Stretch Chino Pants, navy

Why Polo Ralph Lauren’s Straight-Fit Stretch Chino Pants? For one, they most closely resemble those elevated dress pants of yours. Not to mention, the navy color pairs well with your favorite brown leather belt.

6. L.L.Bean Natural-Fit Wrinkle-Free Double L Chinos, $55

L.L.Bean Natural-Fit Wrinkle-Free Double L Chinos, beige

For more of a relaxed fit that’s still tailored at the waist, L.L.Bean’s Natural-Fit Wrinkle-Free Double L Chinos are your best bet. Coming in plenty of hues to choose from, you’ll want to style them with all of your dress shirts.

Best Men’s Chino Shorts

1. Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit 9″ Short, $20

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit 9" Short, khaki

As one of our favorite men’s shorts, the Classic-Fit 9″ Short from Amazon Essentials doesn’t disappoint. It’s a bargain too (just $20!) and will last you for years of outdoor fun in the spring and summer months.

2. Volcom Men’s Vmonty Stretch Chino Short, $31, original price: $50

Volcom Men's Vmonty Stretch Chino Short, blue

While all men’s shorts can begin to look the same at one point or another (we’re just being honest), there’s something special about Volcom’s Vmonty Stretch Chino Short. Not only do we love the slightly tapered hem but the muted blue tone is a style you’ll love wearing time and time again.

3. J. Crew 9″ Stretch Chino Short, $70

J.Crew 9" Stretch Chino Short, royal blue

Try your hand styling some bolder chinos with J. Crew’s 9″ Stretch Chino Short. Don’t worry, if you’re more of a neutral fan, the brand has you covered with an array of colors, but we couldn’t resist adding this fun-in-the-sun trailblazing blue to the mix.

4. Goodfellow & Co. 10.5″ Slim-Fit Chino Shorts, $20

Goodfellow & Co. 10.5" Slim-Fit Chino Shorts, gray

For a no-frills pair of gray chinos, pick up Goodfellow & Co.’s 10.5″ Slim-Fit Chino Shorts. For just $20 at Target, you’ll be surprised how versatile they are for date nights, family get-togethers and more events on your calendar.

5. Haggar Cool 18 Pro Straight-Fit Pleat Short, $21

Haggar Cool 18 Pro Straight-Fit Pleat Short, navy

What’s great about Haggar’s Cool 18 Pro Straight-Fit Pleat Short is its dressier feel. With chinos, sometimes they can appear dressed-down, but you’re getting the best of both worlds with this unique pair that we all want to buy for the men in our life.

6. Vineyard Vines Breaker Stretch Cotton Shorts, $80

Vineyard Vines Breaker Stretch Cotton Shorts

Elevate your chino shorts with Vineyard Vines’ Breaker Stretch Cotton Shorts. For less than $100, we consider these a tried-and-true steal for quality bottoms you’ll appreciate all summer long.

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