12 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men 2023, Tested by Editors

How Do Clothing Subscription Boxes Work?
Think of them as clothing subscription boxes and automated styling services. Most of them (like Stitch Fix and Amazon Prime Wardrobe) will provide a questionnaire for you to fill out about your personal style preferences and sizing. From there, the service created a curated selection of clothes that meet your preferences and will be shipped on a recurring monthly basis, depending on your needs.

Are Clothing Subscription Boxes Ever Worth It?
Clothing subscription boxes for men are worth it if they align with your fashion preferences, lifestyle, and budget. If you enjoy trying new styles, trends, and brands, clothing subscription boxes can be a great way to diversify your wardrobe and discover new favorites. Clothing subscription boxes also save time and effort compared to traditional shopping, eliminating the need to browse through stores or websites. Some clothing subscription services also provide access to professional stylists or AI who can tailor selections to your tastes. Lastly, clothing subscription boxes are an easy way to save money as you replenish or refresh your wardrobe.

How Much Do Men’s Clothing Subscription Boxes Cost?
Each subscription box varies in terms of price and frequency. Amazon Prime Wardrobe charges $14.99. a month to try clothes, and an additional $4.99 monthly fee if you want a stylist to help curate them. Stitch Fix starts with a $20 styling fee, and you can purchase whatever clothes you decide to keep.

Which Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men Let You Keep the Clothes?
Most do. Amazon Prime Wardrobe and Stitch Fix lets you purchase whatever clothes you want to keep. Meanwhile, Basic Man and Threadbeast lets you keep all of them without any additional costs.

What’s the Return Policy for Men’s Clothing Subscription Boxes?
It depends on the box. Stitch Fix and Amazon Prime Wardrobe only allow you to keep the items you purchased, and return the rest. Basic Man lets you return unused items (they won’t let you return used underwear, for obvious reasons). Meanwhile, ThreadBeast doesn’t allow returns, but you can exchange items that don’t fit your size.

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